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This system is a connection of the front mounted shutter with a top mounted shutter. The basic advantage of this system is the fact that it can be installed without enlarging the window holes and at the same time build up the box, as a result of which we would not reach a visual effect, as in the case of top mounted shutters. With a shutter of this type the whole box remains outside the building and service access is ensured through a revision cover in the lower part.

There are versions with or without mosquito nets.


We offer a high class and quality motors of Somfy and Portos. Thank to such solutions you may equip the shutters with wireless wall switches with a timer function, manual control, as well as multi-channel remote controls. We offer the below motors :


  • Somfy ILMO – electronic motor with overload system
  • Somfy OXIMO – radio motor with overload system


  • Portos DELUX with overload system

Colour palette

* – Veneers are available in system CC1000 and TL1000 in box 160mm and 200mm


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