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Top mounted shutters

Top mounted shutters are installed only at the construction stage of the facility or during the replacement of window woodwork in the already existing facilities. The box of roller blinds in this case is applied on the frame of windows or doors. Guide rails are screwed to the external part of the window frame, and only later is the whole set installed in the window recess. The box of the shutters is eventually invisible, and shutters seem to be parts of the windows.

All windows and balcony doors produced ​at constans can be equipped with top mounted shutters. The shutters are characterized by high quality, perfect functionality and aesthetics. The shutter is always completely assembled with any type of window and delivered as one element. The top mounted shutters’ box has very high heat insulation values ​​and meets the requirements of the energy efficiency. The box is also available with 1 or 2sided plaster bars. The plastic elements can be also foiled, so that it would be in the same colour as window. Also integrated insect protection roller blinds are possible. Upon request, all shutters can be equipped with electric motors and automated technology, which means they are compatible with the latest technology, which increases the functionality and quality of the elements once again.

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