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REHAU GENEO – perfect energy efficiency

Geneo® system makes the most innovative, new dimension in window construction. It is the perfect choice for all who appreciate innovative solutions. In terms of energy efficiency GENEO is the best window profile system currently available on the market. Consequently, with GENEO profiles it is possible to achieve the most energy efficient window products of their class which are Passivhaus certified, creating an unsurpassed comfortable environment.

RAU-FIPRO®, the innovative material formulation created by REHAU results in window profiles with high stability, torsional stiffness and static properties, which were previously not possible without the addition of steel reinforcements.

GENEO® is the best investment for the future.

  • Silence – sound insulation
    – RwP = 47 dB with glazing 50 dB
  • Thermal insulation – energy saving: up to 76%*
  • Safety – burglary resistance up to resistance class 2 (RC2)
  • Design – many architectural possibilities using individual shapes, e.g. round and triangular windows and also chamfering and Georgian bar techniques
  • Cleanliness – High definition finished-surface: extremely high quality, exceptionally smooth and therefore particularly easy to maintain

* Reduction in the energy loss from windows when replacing old wooden/plastic windows from the 80s (Uf= 1.9 Ug= 3.0) with windows made from GENEO® profiles (Uf= 0.91 Ug = 0.5, window size (123 cm x 148 cm)

Colour Palette

Standard colours*


Dark Oak

Black Brown texture

Alux DB 703

Anthracite Grey texture

Basalt grey

Golden Oak



Dark Oak

Black Brown texture

Alux DB 703

Anthracite Grey texture

Basalt grey

ATTENTION! The presented veneers are for reference only and may differ from the actual ones in terms of color and structure, which may result from individual monitor and graphics card settings. The selected color applies to the external color of the profiles (not applicable to the window core and other details). Before purchase, please consult the seller about the type and structure of the selected color. We also invite you to the showroom to see the color templates and demonstration windows.


Window handles

We offer as a standard the HOPPE Secustic windows handles containing a patented jamming-device which provides integrated security. This makes it more difficult to move the window fitting unlawfully from outside. It works by a coupling element acting as a sort of mechanical diode. This allows for normal use of the window handle from inside, but jams the handle if anyone tries to turn it from outside by way of the fitting. We offer also lockable handles (with a key or a button).

Georgian bar

Georgian bars provide windows with a unique feel, whilst bringing more variety to a house’s architecture. Used not only in old building renovation to maintain classical appearance, but also in contemporary construction to produce an exceptional visual effect.

Our offering includes GBGs and SDLs of different thickness, in a broad range of colours. The spacing of the bars is as per our customer’s request.


We offer premium-quality fittings by Winkhaus to our customers. To ensure your comfort and safety, the fittings come in the following standard:

  • burglar-proof mushroom striker plates, including two plates for each window,
  • bottom 3D hinges, ensuring a wide array of opening angle options;
  • stepped tilt option.

Our offering also includes RC1 and RC2-grade security hardware, activPilot Comfort hardware for secure, permanent airing, or child safety hardware, such as tilt-first items.

  • perfect fitting: Winkhaus activPilot with all the extras (multilevel tilting, adjustable 3D bottom hinges, lock handles, antiburglar locks, handle Secustik standard, etc.)
Activpilot Concept
Activpilot Concept
Activpilot Comfort PADK


Glazing is a critical factor for the energy balance of the entire room and therefore we offer top-quality, single-, double- or triple glazing, depending on applications and expectations. We provide a broad choice of burglar-proof glazing options for security and other applications. Our offering also includes decorative glazing.

Altdeutsch clear
Altdeutsch brown

Antique brown


Chinchilla brown



Delta mat
Float mat

Flutes sand



Kura clear
Kura brown

Listral K




Old bruges
Silvit brown


Air inlet vents provide continuous ventilation, which is particularly important in winter as opening windows to let fresh air in results in high temperature losses.

We offer the following vents

Rehau AirComfort

Rehau AirComfort – concealed in the window frame, with self-closing function for windy weather.

Flop System Select C13

Flop System Select C13 – vents installed on the inner side of the frame available in white and brown.

Aereco EMM

Aereco EMM – vents installed on the inner side of the frame, where the change in flow depends on relative humidity inside the room; the air flow is controlled and can be vertical or diagonal.

Window sills

PVC interior window sills with multi-chamber profile

PVC-interior window sills offered by Constans company are made of extremely durable, high quality material available in various wood veneers. This wood veneer is very scrub and moisture resistant, and is characterized by high aesthetics. The main advantages of these window sills are:

  • scrub resistance
  • waterproofness
  • small weight
  • heat insulation
  • possibility of buying in 6-metre-pieces
  • invariable shape
  • durability of colour
  • long period of exploitation
  • favorable price



swamp oak

golden oak



Postforming window sills

The sills are made of laminated chipboard. They demonstrate high resistance to:

  • abrasion
  • heat
  • steam
  • UV radiation

white gloss

bright oak

golden oak



Stone window sills

We offer high-quality, excellent design stone window sills, 2 or 3 cm in thickness, that match any type of interior and are made of the following materials:

  • granite
  • marble
  • Agglomarble (95% natural stone, 5% resin)

An example stone colour is provided below.

Bianco carrara
Brecia sarda
Jura gelb
Nero impala

Outside window sills

Aluminium is an excellent choice for outside window sills, as these sills combine aesthetic appeal with high weather resistance. They are not deflected or discoloured, which helps them remain elegant over the years. Another advantage is that they are also available in all RAL colours

Window stool profiles

Every correctly installed window should have window stool profile fastened underside the window. It is very important for heat insulation of window. Such a wsp profile makes the installation of both interior and exterior window sill easier. From among the profiles offered by REHAU company we offer you wsp no.30 for 70mm systems and the same one with an additional thermal insert for 86mm systems.

Technical drawings in attachment below.

fba30 de

fba30 thermomodul


The thickness and material of reinforcement is very important from the perspective of static parameters and stability of windows, which is why we use top-quality reinforcement made of galvanised steel, at least 1.5 mm in thickness. Reinforcement thickness is adapted to the window size.

Aluminium Design

Technology of aluminium covers combines best features of PVC windows and aluminium windows. As a result window outer side resembles aluminium and a low heat transfer is maintained at the same time.

ALU-TOP is based from one side on the proven and tested system of aluminium covers and intelligent combination of plastic and aluminium from the other side. Such combination of plastic and aluminium makes the perfect design and ensures good thermal insulation.

Alu-Top System- means: basic idea of new and unlimited possibilities in terms of colour that offers an unique design for every company as well as enables to change company image. The surface of the front shell can be painted or anodised in one of the 170 RAL colorus. There is almost everything possible: from classic decent to bright colours.

ALU-TOP is perfectly adapted to the shape of the window profile. Due to constant fixing It guarantees the safe use of windows.

  • Modern aluminium design in connection with high thermal insulation
  • An alternative for aluminium windows at favourable price
  • Durable and weather resistant



Certificate Geneo Passivehaus Darmstadt

Certificate Geneo IFT Rosenheim


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